Residence I

Residence I is the main building where most rooms and common areas are located. There are different types of rooms, most are single rooms, and all of them have a private bathroom.

Prices vary depending on the size of the room, the type and orientation as well as the length of the stay.

Monthly prices include all the expenses (internet, heating, electricity, water), the daily room cleaning (from Monday to Friday), bedding and towels (provided and changed weekly), breakfast (from Monday to Saturday) and dinner (from Monday to Friday).

Most of these rooms are meant for full course stays (the full course stay would be from September 1st to May 31st).

The different types of rooms available at Residence I are the following:

  • Standard room type A: This is the smallest room in the Residence and the one with less light due to its location  overlooking the courtyard. This room type includes a 105x200cm bed.

  • Standard room type B: It is the most common room type at the Residence; they are exterior, light and airy. This room type includes a 105x200cm bed.

  • Standard room type C: Although the furniture is the same, it is wider that the standard type B. This room type includes a 105x200cm bed.

  • Superior room type A: Both the room and the bathroom are bigger than in standard rooms. This room type includes a 135x200cm bed.

  • Superior room type B: It is bigger and wider that superior type A. This room type includes a 135x200cm bed and a couch.

  • Superior room type C: This is the largest room at the Residence. This room type includes a 135x200cm bed, a couch, a small fridge, a TV and a safe.

Not all rooms of the same type are exactly equal because there are slight differences depending on the location within the building and other factors. According to the reserved room type, rooms are always assigned in booking order.

All rooms have natural light and include: 105x200cm or 135x200cm bed with under bed storage, mattress, pillow, sheets, comforter, as well as side table with drawers, closet, study table with drawers, chair, shelves, reading lamp, mirror and paper bin. The private bathroom included in all rooms has a sink, shower, mirror, auxiliary furniture, bath mat and towels.