The Residence has a wide dining area where meals are served in the established schedules. The residents could use the dining room always except when it is used for meals and cleaning. It is equipped with plates, glasses, and cutlery and small electrical appliances, such as microwave, water heater, toaster, a coffee vending machine and a water fountain.

The Factory Residence Hall has a wide and bright study room with plenty of natural light and equipped with spacious work desks, comfortable chairs and WIFI and cable internet connection.

The Residence has a wide living room where residents could enjoy, entertain and relax in their free time. This room has large couches and various tables and chairs to watch the TV or drink something with other residents. The TV is displayed through a projector, creating a great image like the one you could see in a cinema, perfectly visible from any part of the room and with magnificent sound equipment. There is a wide variety of channels so that residents could find lots of films, series, sports events, nature documentaries, etc. In addition, this room could be used to make their own presentations.

The Factory Residence Hall includes a games room where residents can enjoy their leisure playing with our table tennis, table football, billiard and darts. In addition this room has a vending machine where they could find lots of drinks and snacks.
The Residence also includes a screens room with some couches and TV screens that could be used for watching TV or connecting computers and videogames, to enjoy the free time with their mates.
The Residence also has a wide and practical multipurpose hall with sound equipment, one screen and mirrors in the walls. This room could be used for multiple activities such as sports, group lessons or playful activities.
The Factory Residence Hall has a practical laundry room equipped with several washing machines and dryers that work with coins, irons, ironing boards, clotheslines and laundries where they could hand wash their delicate clothes.
The Residence also includes a luggage room where residents can store their luggage during their stay in order not to take up space in their rooms. Moreover, they can also store their belongings during summer holidays if they wish so.
The Residence has a small and beautiful garden with some tables and chairs where residents can enjoy the sunny days and the good weather.
Optionally, with an additional cost, The Factory Residence Hall can provide an underground parking place for the residents who request it.